Expand Your Reach With Google Display Network Ads Campaign

The Google Display Network or GDN is a display advertising channel that allows advertisers to serve display ads to their target audiences using Google Ads. It reaches millions of websites and more than 650,000 apps. It can help you reach consumers when they’re browsing websites, reading the news, reading content that’s related to your ads or related to your product.

Although Google display ads still originates within the Google Ads interface, display ads perform very differently from their paid search counterparts. The main difference between Google search ads and display ads is that search ads are a form of “pull” advertising while display ads are “push” advertising.

Here are benefits of using Google Display Network ads in your upcoming campaign:

  • Expand your reach.
  • Create eye-catching and appealing visual image.
  • Numerous Targeting Option.
  • Retarget interested consumers.
  • Lower Cost Per Click.
  • Adjustable sizes to fit more placements.

one time payment for Google Display Network Ads - you may select all or only ones that you need

Setup of Google Ads Account

Simple Creation of Banner for Google Display Ads Campaign
Google Display Ads Campaign Planning & Creation
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